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Screvle transforms your business ideas into intelligent electronic devices and accelerates your time-to-market

Screvle end-user products are built based on the Screvle technology platform which significantly reduces development risks

Our customers love Screvle

With the help of Screvle, we realised a finished, industrial product in less than a few weeks.
We enjoyed working with the professional engineering team!

Frank ClaesRegional Chief Technical Engineer - De Lijn

When using Screvle, small tasks require small effort.

Marek GaikSenior Engineer

From zero to a finished application in 30 minutes!

Andrej MosatVestigen s.r.o.


Create your products starting from our existing Screvle hardware and software building blocks reducing your development cost

Screvle Handheld

Often used by Service Engineers as wearable measurement equipment, or programming tool, the Screvle Handheld is a flexible and future proof technology platform.

With robust housing, QVGA Touchscreen, and expansion header that allows the use of add-on boards.

The Screvle Mini

The Screvle Mini is designed for remote sensor networks and supports a variety of wireless communication options.

With integrated sensors and ultra-low power consumption for IoT solutions.

Screvle Industrial

The Screvle Industrial can be used in harsh industrial environments.

It has multiple I/O connections, and a high voltage power input voltage up to 80V.

Screvle Cloud

Screvle Cloud is an end-to-end online platform for building Internet-of-Things and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) products.

In combination with Screvle hardware all the building blocks are available to implement a professional IoT solution with minimal effort.


Leverage our Screvle Engineering Services or develop your own end-user products using our Screvle development kits

We create

Screvle delivers engineering services to build professional products:

  • Requirements and specification workshops
  • Software and hardware customization

For OEM manufacturing Screvle facilitates:

  • Electronics engineering
  • Enclosure and packaging design
  • Production validation and Quality Control
  • Supply chain management
  • Rebranding
  • Certifications

You create

The Screvle technology platform is also available as a development kit for engineering teams to jump-start their product development:

  • Focused engineering training
  • Full architecture and source-code access
  • Premium support


Customers using Screvle as a base for their product development start from a solid and certified technology platform that allows to reduce their total project cost

Case:  Public transport company in Flanders/ Belgium
Screvle used as an industrial measurement tool


  • High operational cost due to complex and error prone diagnostics (requires skilled engineer, expensive measuring equipment and manual labour)
  • Advanced features like data logging and connectivity to on line platform
  • Necessity to create a customer specific solution

Why Screvle

  • Direct operational profit
  • Easily scalable manufacturing
  • Not a development kit – finished product
  • Easy to use – low learning curve

Case:  Camera equipment manufacturer in UK
Screvle integrated in existing customer equipment


Development of a new Robotic Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Camera head with:

  • Low level Real-time motor control
  • Control via web interface

Why Screvle

  • Production ready prototype within 10 days thanks to a product development approach with the integration of a Screvle into existing Robotic head technology
  • Faster time to market
  • Advanced features

Case:  Electronic Design – Nurse call systems
New product development based on Screvle


  • Replace the old nurse call system
  • Integrate new communication technology
  • Future prove design

Why Screvle

  • Product development was done 4x faster than development compared to traditional development cycle
  • New technology was introduced with limited R&D Resources
  • Offered total solution with pcb design, firmware, enclosure design, start up of production and Quality Control


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